Online learning has become more popular in recent years, especially with primary school students in Singapore – and not just because of the pandemic. It’s not hard to see why!

There is less downtime involved with online tuition classes

Time is a precious commodity for our little ones – and for parents too. A typical school day sees students dismissed at almost 2 p.m. with just a short time to gobble down lunch before heading for CCAs and other extracurricular activities. Before you know it, the sun has set and it’s time for dinner. 

Not only do traditional classes take up precious time to move from place to place, but it also often means that a caregiver has to chaperone them around. When it comes to the PSLE year, there are only so many hours to go around. It makes more sense to pick something that can easily fit into a tight schedule. 


Online classes offer families flexibility

Online lessons, on the other hand, can take place wherever your child needs to be. This could be at home, at grandparents’ house, or even (if needs must) on the go! Parents can work from home or prepare dinner while safe in the comforting knowledge that their child is actively learning with a competent teacher – while sitting in their room. 


Transparent learning takes place with online lessons

With online tuition classes, many parents appreciate the fact that they can listen in and learn alongside their child. This way, they are also better equipped to help with homework if needed. Parents can also gain a better understanding of what their children are required to achieve and become more familiar with the Singapore primary school syllabus.


Online learning is less expensive than face-to-face tuition

Cost can be prohibitive, but online tuition lessons can be much more affordable for families on a budget. With TCHER Online’s flexible lecture/tutorial system, you can narrow down the cost even further by tailoring the package to your needs. It isn’t even just the reduced class fee that represents a significant difference, but online learning also means less money spent on travel, eating out, and other associated costs. 


Recorded content is available for students’ revision

When online lessons are recorded, students can come back to any lesson whenever they want to. They can choose the specific topic or module that they need to revise, and skip to the sections of the lessons that are relevant to them. This means that even at the primary school level, students can take full control of their own learning and can work at a pace that is comfortable for them. 


Online lessons are power-packed with learning

In traditional tuition settings, much of the time (and money) is spent as teachers simply sit and supervise while students complete assignments. In e-learning tuition classes, the time is much better spent on teacher-student interaction and direct teaching and learning. When answers are collected via digital polls and blackboards, teachers get an instant, clear and full picture of student feedback, as opposed to a slow and tedious collation of hard copies of homework.


Students learn more with online tuition classes than in traditional tuition lessons

A study by IBM noted that participants learnt and retained five times more material in e-learning courses using multimedia content than in face-to-face courses. More and more students are turning to online learning courses simply because they have become a better way to learn. 

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