About this class

  • 参照学校老师的教学过程及教学要求编写,包含全年小学华文和高级华文课本单元。
  • 内容包括课堂学习、课后强化、语文技能练习,及品德教育、故事阅读等,是学生在家自主学习,家长在家辅导孩子的最佳辅助教材。
  • 与学校老师课堂教学同步出版,满足学生课堂学习,课后复习,自我提升的需要。
  • 提高学习兴趣和效率。听、说、读、写全面学习,全面提升语文能力,提高成绩。
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There are 2 types of Primary 4 classes:

  1. Regular Class
  2. Tutorial Class

The regular class is conducted with a larger group of students.

The tutorial class is an additional class with a smaller group of students allowing the teacher to give a closer focus to each student.