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The 2020 English Language Syllabus 2020 (Primary School) seeks to prepare students for the 21st century:

“The English Language Syllabus 2020 for the Primary level focuses on the development, reinforcement and extension of language skills in the primary years through an enjoyment of the language and the promotion of extensive reading; and leveraging oracy, reading and writing skills to develop knowledge and independent use of the language.”

At TCHER Online, we seek to complement school learning and support our students as they navigate through primary school academics. 

Although our courses are divided into years (e.g. P4, P5 and P6), students may join any course they feel is appropriate for their learning level. Many of our P6 students who join in PSLE year take the P5 course as a refresher on top of the P6 lessons. Students are also welcome to join a higher level if they are able to cope with the advanced materials.

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