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Primary 4

Gerunds (Verbs acting as Nouns) – 1

 Gerunds (Verbs acting as Nouns) – 2

 Phonics and Spelling, Homonyms

 Subject-verb Agreement (Concord)

Primary 5

 Cloze Overview (Contextual Clues)

 Editing Revision

 Grammar Cloze Revision

 Grammar MCQ Revision

 Synthesis & Transformation

 Vocabulary MCQ Revision

Primary 6

 Answering the Question (Sticking to the plot)

 Composition Overview

 Compre Overview

 Ending Paragraph and Composition Revision

 Grammar and Spelling

 Synthesis and Transformation Revision


Primary 4

Area and Perimeter

 Decimals (Lecture 2 of 2)

 Fractions (Lecture 4 of 4)

 Naming and Measuring Angles

 Operations of Decimals (Lecture 4 of 4) Squares and Rectangles

 Tables & Line Graphs – 2

Primary 5

 Area of Composite Figures Involving Triangles

 Fractions – 2

 Rate (Lecture 2 of 2)

 Ratios Using Units

 Revision on Angles, Triangles & Quadrilaterals

Primary 6

 Angles (Complex Problems)

 Changing Ratio and Percentage Change

 Circles (Higher Thinking Questions)

 Speed and Rate



Primary 4
Primary 5

 Circulatory System (Lecture 4 of 4)

 Photosynthesis & Energy Transfer (Lecture 1 of 4)

 Photosynthesis & Energy Transfer (Lecture 4 of 4)

 Reproduction in Plants (Lecture 4 of 4)

 Respiratory System (Lecture 3 of 4)

 Reproduction in Animals and Humans (Lecture 1 of 3)

 Reproduction in Animals and Humans (Lecture 2 of 3)

Primary 6

 Energy Conversion Lecture 1

 Forces Lecture 1

 Environment Lecture 1

 Web of Life

 Water Cycle Lecture 1

Our Pedalogy Involves:

Embracing Children’s Online Savviness
We nurture a love for learning by meeting children where they are – tapping on their interests and familiarity with technology.

 Effective Classroom Interaction and Management
We use powerful teaching and communication tools to create safe learning spaces where group participation is key.

A Curriculum That Complements School Work
We provide access to former MOE educators from the comfort of your home, and at a learning pace that works best for your child.

Partnering with Parents For Offline Learning
We keep parents updated on their child’s current topics and challenges, and suggest home activities that can deepen their learning.

 International Exposure To Propel Learning
We facilitate cross-border learning that is open to our students, and foster cross-cultural interactions.

Purpose-built classroom technology

Our specialised classroom app goes beyond a mere video conference, it enables the teacher to monitor and control the class, it also generates reports on each students’ level of participation.

Intensive Lessons

Intensive Lessons

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Sign up now and watch 50+ video lessons that cover topics for English, Maths and Science

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