Primary 4 CHINese

About this class

Primary 4 marks the first year of upper primary for our students.

To make it easier on our students to adapt to the rigours of the Primary 4 year, we break grammar down into the basics.

From Comprehension, Synthesis and Transformation, cloze passages and more, we use the English exam components as a base to build up our students’ English, exploring elements of grammar like phrasal verbs, connectors and conjunctions, and more.

We end off the Primary 4 year with a literary module, using a short story to delve deep into relevant conversational topics, composition writing skills, and grammar.

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Boost your child’s scholastic development with extra learning resources

On top of our weekly live-streamed lessons which provide a rich and interactive learning environment with a meticulously crafted curriculum by experienced MoE-trained teachers. All designed to give your child everything they need to practice and revise each topic, question type and test component.

Lessons are recorded so your child can go back in their own time and review anything they found difficult or just want to better understand the lesson.

There are 2 types of Primary 4 classes:

  1. Regular Class
  2. Tutorial Class

The regular class is conducted with a larger group of students.

The tutorial class is an additional class with a smaller group of students allowing the teacher to give a closer focus to each student.

Class schedule (Available for Standard and Premium Package)

Our online courses are divided into lectures and tutorials.

Lectures have larger class sizes, while tutorials have smaller class sizes capped at 6 students per class.

Please note that tutorials are not standalone. You will need to attend one lecture to be able to join the tutorial.

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Week Lesson
4th Jan to 10th Jan Cycles in Matter
11th Jan to 17th Jan Cycles in Matter
18th Jan to 24th Jan Cycles in Matter
25th Jan to 31st Jan Cycles in Matter
Week Lesson
1st Feb to 7th Feb Cycles in Matter
8th Feb to 14th Feb Revision 1: Review
15th Feb to 21 Feb Light Energy
22nd Feb to 28th Feb Light Energy
Week Lesson
1st Mar to 7th Mar Light Energy
8th Mar to 14th Mar Light Energy
15th Mar to 21st Mar Light Energy
22nd Mar to 28th Mar Revision: Review 2
29th Mar to 4th April Revision: Review 3 (test)
Week Lesson
5th April to 11th April Heat Energy
12th April to 16th April Heat Energy
17th April to 23rd April Heat Energy
24th April to 30th April Heat Energy
Week Lesson
1st May to 7th May Heat Energy
8th May to 14th May Heat Energy
15th May to 21st May Revision 4: P4 Topics
22nd May to 28th May Revision 5: P4 Topics
29th May to 4th June Revision 6: P4 Topics
Week Lesson
6th June to 13th June Revision: Review 4 (oeq)
14th June to 20th June Revision: Review 5 (oeq)
21st June to 27th June Break
28th June to 4th July Materials (P3)
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Week Lesson
5th July to 11th July Materials (P3)
12th July to 18th July Magnets (P3)
19th July to 25th July Magnets (P3)
26th July to 1st Aug Life Cycles (P3)
Week Lesson
2nd Aug to 8th Aug Life Cycles (P3)
9th Aug to 15th Aug Living & Non-Living Things (P3)
16th Aug to 22nd Aug Living & Non-Living Things (P3)
23rd Aug to 29th Aug Types of Living Things (P3)
30th Aug to 5th Sep Types of Living Things (P3)
Week Lesson
6th Sep to 12th Sep Plant System (P3)
13th Sep to 19th Sep Plant System (P3)
20th Sep to 26th Sep Digestive System (P3)
27th Sep to 3rd Oct Digestive System (P3)
Week Lesson
4th Oct to 10th Oct Revision 9: Review
11th Oct to 17th Oct Revision 10: Review
18th Oct to 24th Oct Revision 11: Review
25th Oct to 31st Oct Revision 12: Review
Week Lesson
1st Nov to 7th Nov Enrichment (Cycles in Matter)
8th Nov to 14th Nov Enrichment (Digestive System)
15th Nov to 21st Nov Enrichment (Heat Energy)
22nd Nov to 28th Nov Enrichment (Light Energy)/td>
29th Nov to 5th Dec Preview of P5 Topics
Week Lesson
6th Dec to 12th Dec Preview of P5 Topics
13th Dec to 19th Dec Break (No Lessons)
20th Dec to 26th Dec Break (No Lessons)
27th Dec to 2nd Jan Break (No Lessons)