Primary 4 English

About this class

Primary 4 marks the first year of upper primary for our students.

To make it easier on our students to adapt to the rigours of the Primary 4 year, we break grammar down into the basics.

From Comprehension, Synthesis and Transformation, cloze passages and more, we use the English exam components as a base to build up our students’ English, exploring elements of grammar like phrasal verbs, connectors and conjunctions, and more.

We end off the Primary 4 year with a literary module, using a short story to delve deep into relevant conversational topics, composition writing skills, and grammar.

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If you feel your child needs more help after our hour-long lecture, you can sign them up for our weekly tutorials too. These are conducted in small groups, so your child has personalised guidance from their teachers, all of whom are ex-MOE teachers.

Our weekly live-streamed lessons engage students in a content-rich and interactive learning environment. The meticulously crafted curriculum is designed to give your child ample practice and revision in each topic, question type, and examinable component.

Because we’re committed to helping students, we’re also keeping fees for these weekly tutorials affordable (lectures are included in all tutorial packages).

There are 2 types of Primary 4 classes:

  • Regular Classes
  • Small-group Class

The regular classes are our usual classes.

The same lessons are taught in our small-group or tutorial class, but class size is capped at four to six students, allowing the teacher to give more attention and focus on each student.

Class schedule (Available for Standard and Premium Package)

There are 2 types of Primary 4 classes:

  • Lectures
  • Small-group lectures

Lectures are our usual classes.

The same lessons are taught in our small-group lecture class, but class size is capped at four to six students, allowing the teacher to give more attention to each student.

Please note that tutorials are not standalone. You will need to attend one lecture to be able to join the tutorial.

TCHER Online Academy (Available for Basic, Standard and Premium)

Have a tight schedule that can’t accommodate weekly lessons? Our TCHER ONline Academy provides you with the flexibility of recorded lessons you can play back anytime, anywhere. 


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Week Beginning (Monday) Lesson
3 January Cloze overview: Contextual Clues
10 January Word Collocation
17 January Idioms and Proverbs
24 January Similes and Metaphors
31 January Phrasal Verbs
Week Beginning (Monday) Lesson
7 February Comprehension Overview
14 February Answering Techniques
21 February True or False Questions
28 February Vocabulary Questions
Week Beginning (Monday) Lesson
7 March Comprehension Revision
14 March S&T Overview
21 March Sentence Manipulation: If
28 March Sentence Manipulation: Unless
Week Beginning (Monday) Lesson
4 April Sentence Manipulation: Despite/In Spite Of
11 April Sentence Manipulation: Passive and Active Voice
18 April Test Week
25 April Grammar Cloze Overview
Week Beginning (Monday) Lesson
2 May Relative Pronouns
9 May Connectors
16 May Prepositions
23 May Phrasal Verbs
30 May Grammar MCQ: Overview
Week Beginning (Monday) Lesson
6 June Grammar MCQ 2
13 June Grammar MCQ 3
20 June TCHER Online Break
27 June Vocabulary MCQ Overview
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Week Beginning (Monday) Lesson
4 July Vocabulary MCQ 2
11 July Vocabulary Cloze
18 July Composition Overview
25 July Composition Topics and Themes
Week Beginning (Monday) Lesson
1 August Composition Pictures and Planning
8 August Building a Story: Plots and Problems
15 August Getting Started: The First Paragraph
22 August Composition Revision
29 August Oral Overview
Week Beginning (Monday) Lesson
5 September Reading
12 September Stimulus-Based Conversation
19 September Listening Comprehension 1
26 September Listening Comprehension 2
Week Beginning (Monday) Lesson
3 October Grammar MCQ Revision
10 October Vocabulary MCQ Revision
17 October Examination Prep 1
24 October Examination Prep 2
31 October Literature Module 1
Week Beginning (Monday) Lesson
7 November Literature Module 2
14 November Literature Module 3
21 November Literature Module 4
28 November Literature Module 5
Week Beginning (Monday) Lesson
5 December Prep for P5 Year
12 December TCHER Online Break
19 December TCHER Online Break
26 December TCHER Online Break