Primary 4

About this class

We know how challenging it can be for some children when they make the jump from Primary 4 to the final two years of primary school. 

We believe that by providing them with a strong foundation in Primary 4, the students’ path through Upper Primary will be a much smoother one.

All of TCHER Online live lessons are recorded, so our students can go back in their own time and review  the recordings if they want to revise a particular topic or want to better understand the lesson.

There are 2 types of Primary 4 classes:

  • Regular Classes
  • Small-group Class

The regular classes are our usual classes.

The same lessons are taught in our small-group or tutorial class, but class size is capped at four to six students, allowing the teacher to give more attention and focus on each student.

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TCHER Online provides weekly live-streamed lessons which offer students a rich and interactive learning environment. Our curricula has been meticulously crafted by experienced NIE-trained, ex-MOE teachers specifically for online modality, unlike many centres out there.

TCHER Online lessons are designed to give your child everything they need to practice and revise each topic, question type and test component.

All lessons are recorded so students can go back in their own time and review specific topics or redo certain questions.

Let TCHER Online support your child’s learning in this eventful year!

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