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We know how challenging it can be for some children when they make the jump to Primary 5 and Primary 6, which is why we aim to give them a strong foundation in grammar at the Primary 4 level.

To make it easier for them we break the grammar down into the basics. We explore how these basic elements of grammar are relevant to different facets of the English exam paper.

We believe that by providing them with a strong foundation in grammar at Primary 4, the student’s path through upper primary will be a much smoother one.

Primary 4 – Standard

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Boost your child’s scholastic development with extra learning resources

On top of our weekly live-streamed lessons which provide a rich and interactive learning environment with a meticulously crafted curriculum by experienced MoE-trained teachers. All designed to give your child everything they need to practice and revise each topic, question type and test component.

Lessons are recorded so your child can go back in their own time and review anything they found difficult or just want to better understand the lesson.

There are 2 types of Primary 4 classes:

  1. Regular Class
  2. Tutorial Class

The regular class is conducted with a larger group of students.

The tutorial class is an additional class with a smaller group of students allowing the teacher to give a closer focus to each student.

Lilian Kang

Rajinder Kaur

    • Monday – 7:00PM to 8:00PM
    • Thursday – 8:00PM to 9:00PM

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