About this class

The lessons for English will start with a bridging module, where we go through what the new exam format for secondary school will be like next to comparable sections from PSLE. This will help ease the graduating P6 students into the secondary school curriculum and make the transition easier for them as they prepare to enter secondary school life

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Our Class Schedule

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Week Lesson
4th Jan to 10th Jan Sit Writing: visuals Listening: graphic organizer
11th Jan to 17th Jan Compo: Understanding the questions Editing: prepositions
18th Jan to 24th Jan Compre: text types and question stems Oral: video + SBC
25th Jan to 31st Jan Summary Skills: selecting points Visual Text: purpose
Week Lesson
1st Feb to 7th Feb Sit Writing: understanding the question Literature: diction
8th Feb to 14th Feb Compo: Recounts vs narrative Editing: tenses
15th Feb to 21 Feb Compre: Literal and inferential qns Oral: reading
22nd Feb to 28th Feb Summary Skills: rephrasing Visual Text: audience
Week Lesson
1st Mar to 7th Mar Sit Writing: PACT Literature: character traits
8th Mar to 14th Mar Compo: Planning your story Editing: concord
15th Mar to 21st Mar Compre: vocabulary Oral: video + SBC
22nd Mar to 28th Mar Summary Skills: grid strategy Visual Text: vocabulary
29th Mar to 4th April Sit Writing: Formats and structure Literature: imagery
Week Lesson
5th April to 11th April Compo: Describing using 5 senses Editing: conjunctions
12th April to 16th April Compre: explain clearly/fully Oral: reading
17th April to 23rd April Summary Skills: rephrasing Visual Text: Practice
24th April to 30th April Sit Writing: presenting your POV Literature: setting
Week Lesson
1st May to 7th May Compo: Dialogue Editing: word forms
8th May to 14th May Compre: in your own words Oral: video + SBC
15th May to 21st May Summary Skills: rephrasing Visual Text: Practice
22nd May to 28th May Sit Writing: expanding on information given Literature: tone
29th May to 4th June Compo: Describing emotions Editing: wrong words
Week Lesson
6th June to 13th June Compre: similarities and differences Oral: reading
14th June to 20th June Summary Skills: selecting points Visual Text: Practice
21st June to 27th June Break Break
28th June to 4th July Sit Writing: justifying opinions Literature: poetry
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Week Lesson
5th July to 11th July Compo: Logical reactions and storylines Editing: articles
12th July to 18th July Compre: language use Oral: video + SBC
19th July to 25th July Summary Skills: rephrasing Visual Text: Practice
26th July to 1st Aug Sit Writing: coming up with your own choices Literature: prose
Week Lesson
2nd Aug to 8th Aug Compo: developing a crisis Editing: Practice
9th Aug to 15th Aug Compre: Supporting opinion (talking heads) Oral: reading
16th Aug to 22nd Aug Summary Skills: selecting points Visual Text: Practice
23rd Aug to 29th Aug Sit Writing: practice Literature: poetry
30th Aug to 5th Sep Compo: resolving a problem Editing: Practice
Week Lesson
6th Sep to 12th Sep Compre: thoughts and feelings/stages Oral: video + SBC
13th Sep to 19th Sep Summary Skills: rephrasing Visual Text: Practice
20th Sep to 26th Sep Exam prep Comprehension Text B and C
27th Sep to 3rd Oct Exam prep Summary skills
Week Lesson
4th Oct to 10th Oct Exam prep Editing and Visual Text
11th Oct to 17th Oct Exam prep Oral
18th Oct to 24th Oct Literature Module 1 Listening: true, false, not stated
25th Oct to 31st Oct Literature Module 2 Editing
Week Lesson
1st Nov to 7th Nov Literature Module 3 Summary skills
8th Nov to 14th Nov Literature Module 4 Writing to respond
15th Nov to 21st Nov Literature Module 5 Listening: graphic organizer
22nd Nov to 28th Nov Literature Module 6 Editing
29th Nov to 5th Dec Literature Module 7 Summary skills
Week Lesson
6th Dec to 12th Dec Literature Module 8 Writing to respond
13th Dec to 19th Dec Break (No Lessons)
20th Dec to 26th Dec Break (No Lessons)
27th Dec to 2nd Jan Break (No Lessons)