Singapore Mathematics and How to Ace It

A Free Workshop

29 April 2022

4:15 pm – 5:30 pm SGT


For Who: Parents and Teachers interested in learning about Singapore Maths

Where: Zoom


Join TCHER Online Singapore Head of Mathematics Mr Dicky Lim, a veteran teacher with years of experience coaching Singapore Maths, and learn how it works for you and your students / children!

In this workshop, expect to learn: 

  • Strategies to handle fundamental questions
  • Strategies to handle word problems involving numbers, ratio and percentage
  • Strategies to handle spatial visualization questions involving area, perimeter and volume

 FREE FOR ALL SIGN-UPS: 50 Singapore Maths and Science lesson videos, based on Singapore Ministry of Education Curriculum and taught by Singapore-trained teachers. 

 Participants who are unable to attend in real-time are still welcome to sign up, as the video will be sent to you.

Meet Our Speaker

Dicky Lim

Head of Mathematics, Primary 5 & 6 Mathematics Teacher

TCHER Dicky Lim was a Level Head in the Mathematics Department for many years. He has conducted workshops for teachers and parents at both the school cluster level and national level. He was also a Chief Presiding Examiner (CPE) for PSLE for more than 10 years and an Assistant Supervisor for Marking (ASM) of Mathematics (6 years) and Foundation Mathematics (1 year).

As Head of Mathematics for TCHER Online, Dicky crafts thoughtful lessons aligned with the local curriculum, and has guided many students to significant improvements in their examination results.

He is the recipient of the GMPS Champion Award (2012), Outstanding Contribution Awards (2001 – 2003) and the MOE Service Excellence Award (2017).

Singapore Mathematics Framework

focuses on problem-solving, with emphasis placed on 5 major areas

Conceptual Understanding

Skilss Proficiency

Mathermatical Processes



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