Take learning online

Our digital classroom app brings the spirit of the offline classroom online. In the TCHER Online smart classroom, teachers and students can be perfectly integrated no matter where in the world they are. 

Easy installation

The one-click installation and simple registration process is streamlined for your convenience. If you need guidance, our coordinators are on hand to help you out.


Pre-lesson tasks

Complete pre-lesson tasks that supplement each week’s classes. These pre-lesson tasks help to set the stage for the children’s learning and pique their interest in the topic of the week. Intended to stretch their minds and their learning capabilities, our pre-lesson tasks are like quick bites before the lesson begins.


Interactive classroom functions

The TCHER Online classroom app is built specifically for virtual learning. This means teachers can quickly collect responses from students through a selector. This collates multiple-choice answers and presents them in a clear data format for teachers to analyse on the go. Our virtual blackboard means students can type or draw answers privately, while the teacher can give feedback to each individual student.


Lesson recordings

Replay lessons at your convenience if you miss classes or need a quick refresher.


We Specialize In

Our specialised classroom app goes beyond a mere video conference, it enables the teacher to monitor and control the class, it also generates reports on each students’ level of participation.

Live Lessons

  • Concept-focused teaching to build a strong foundation
  • Pre-lesson tasks assigned for students to gauge understanding
  • Q&A sessions during which students are given virtual trophies for the right answers and active participation
  • Learning Report for parents after the lesson ends
  • Lesson Playback for revision (stored up to a year)

Intensive Lessons

(Premium & Premium+ Plans Only)

  • Hands-on tutorials designed to track and measure subject understanding
  • Worksheet assessment with our expert, MOE-experienced teachers
  • In-depth reviews and reflection to facilitate deeper learning
  • Lessons are recorded and playback will be stored for up to 1 year

Trophy system to encourage students to participate

Small tutorial groups for focused learning

Quizzes to ensure students understand concepts